One of my earliest memories of music and fashion is of me sitting in the back seat of my parents' car, going to what I'm almost sure is pre-school - the music: Led Zeppelin. 'Hey Hey What Can I Do' , 'Going to California' and 'Tangerine' are always the first three tracks that come to mind and make me think... what was that girl wearing in those songs?? In 'Hey Hey' she is sexy, fun and pure Rock n' Roll. In 'California' she is laid back, loose-fitting, and just letting things flow. 'Tangerine'...ahhhh, well, Tangerine, she is just day, night, weekend and holiday all rolled into one. Those songs continue to inspire me to this day, in not only what I wear but also how I live my life. So I hope you will come along and join me to see what ELSE inspires me in life...my loves, my travels, my favorite things, and of course, what comes down the runway... hopefully with Led Zeppelin blasting in the background! 

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